Sunday, April 9, 2023

Circumcision.. its causes and the correct way to ensure a speedy recovery

What is circumcision?

Circumcision means removing the skin at the front of the penis, and it is 99 percent successful, but like every surgery, it may result in a set of complications if it is not done in healthy conditions that meet the necessary conditions.

the reasons:

The circumcision process is done because the Islamic religion urges it, and the circumcision process has many health benefits. By removing the front skin covering the penis, the accumulation of germs that cause infections in this area is avoided.

Benefits of circumcision:

  • Avoid the presence of germs in the urine.
  • Avoid inflammation of the skin above the penis.
  • Avoid a urinary tract infection.
  • And at an advanced age, venereal diseases, especially penile cancer, are avoided.

The appropriate age for circumcision:

Child circumcision is done at any age, but it is recommended to circumcise it at an age between one day and 60 days, where the operation is done using local anesthesia or at the age of more than a year, and thus avoiding complete anesthesia of the body, which harms the respiratory system, especially since the child is in a period growth.

Where should circumcision take place?

The circumcision process must be carried out in appropriate hygienic conditions in the operating room, which must be sterile, and also good equipment must respond to hygienic conditions.

The operation must also be performed by a doctor specializing in pediatric surgery, urology or general surgery
And the operation must be performed after the child is subjected to local anesthesia or full anesthesia.

Post-circumcision tips:

  • Pain relievers prescribed by the doctor should be taken.
  • Persistence in cleaning the wound properly for 5 days until it heals.
  • If the wound becomes infected, the doctor who performed the circumcision should be contacted.