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Composition of breast milk.. Water. Vitamins. Phosphorus and Calcium. Iron. Proteins. Fats. Sugars. Protective factors - defenses

Composition of breast milk:

The composition of the milk changes during feeding, colostrum is the first milk, it is more yellowish and contains a large amount of proteins and immunoglobulins (anti-infective substances), it provides a large amount of calories in a small volume.

It is the ideal food for the first days, since the size of the baby's stomach is small and he needs to take frequent small amounts.

In the first part of the feeding, the milk contains more water and sugar, thus satisfying the baby's thirst.
Later, its fat content gradually increases, providing more calories that satisfy the infant's needs.

Nutrients in breast milk:

Breast milk provides all the nutrients that the child needs in its first months of life and continues to cover half or more of the child's nutritional needs during the second semester of life and up to a third during the second year.

It is the effective food for the baby, because it contains all the nutrients and sufficient quantities for its development and is composed of:

1- Water:

keeps the baby hydrated throughout the day, so it is not necessary to give him water.

2- Vitamins:

so that it is protected and grows healthy.

3- Phosphorus and Calcium:

help make your bones stronger and healthier.

4- Iron:

to maintain energy and the child can carry out his activities as he grows.

5- Proteins:

strengthen the child's nervous system, also protects it from future diseases.

6- Fats:

They help strengthen the baby's development and protect him from future diseases.

7- Sugars:

They are a source of energy, they help in the functioning of the baby's brain.

8- Protective factors (defenses):

breast milk contains most of the protective factors against diseases of daily life, they also contribute to the correct growth and development of the child.