Thursday, April 20, 2023

Damage to the infant caused by the smoking mother.. Effects of smoking on the health of the breastfeeding mother and the infant

Pregnant women smoking:

Smoking is one of the worst habits that we practice due to its serious impact on the general health of the body, as smoking negatively affects not only the person himself but also those around him, so it is a serious threat to the health of every smoker, so what if the female smoker is a breastfeeding mother, and what will be the effect of smoking on her? And on the infant, whether she is a smoker or if she is around smokers for long periods. In this article, learn about the effect of smoking on the health of a breastfeeding mother and her baby.

Effects of smoking on the health of the breastfeeding mother:

  • The harmful enzymes that result from smoking mainly affect the vessels and their narrowing, and the milk ducts as well, as they do not give the opportunity to pass the entire milk to the child.
  • Smoking negatively affects the amount of milk produced by the mother, so she produces milk in a much smaller amount, and this is due to the negative effect of smoking on the amount of prolactin hormone, so the infant is not satisfied with breastfeeding.
  • Smoking negatively affects the emotional state of the breastfeeding mother only, so her anger and depression attacks increase and also causes her insomnia.
  • Smoking affects the psychological state of a breastfeeding mother, making her feel stressed all the time and unable to bear the burdens of motherhood, which also negatively affects her child.

Effects of smoking on the infant:

  • The effect on his nutrition due to the lack of milk production from the mother’s breast, and thus affects the growth of the child. There is an inverse relationship between smoking and the amount of milk, as milk production decreases the more the mother smokes.
  • The infant’s aversion to breast-feeding is one of the most important and dangerous effects of smoking on the child. In addition, smoking causes the child to experience tension, vomiting, and constant pain in the abdominal area.
  • The occurrence of disturbances in the child's sleep, his feeling of insomnia and his inability to fall asleep easily.
  • Exposure of the infant to smoking, whether through breastfeeding or through second-hand smoke, can increase the risk of exposure to sudden death syndrome.
  • The possibility of nicotine addiction and poisoning in infants. Symptoms of nicotine addiction in infants are irritability and headaches. Symptoms of nicotine poisoning are vomiting after eating, skin color turning gray, diarrhea and increased heart rate.

Tips for quitting smoking:

  • Do not keep cigarettes within your reach at all times, so that the number of times you smoke is less than the normal situation, and the effect of smoking on you and your child is less.
  • Make sure to exercise or walk in the street or around the house, instead of smoking breaks.
  • Try to compensate for your need to smoke with something else tasty that you like.
  • Take care to preserve your health and the health of your child, as smoking is one of the most harmful things to your child's life, so be more careful about his health and well-being so that he becomes healthy and healthy.
  • And always remember that your feeling of improvement as a result of smoking is temporary, and what will remain for your baby to be affected throughout his life is poor health, wasting and weakness.