Sunday, April 30, 2023

Damage to your little girl when her hair is always tied up

hair care:

There is no woman who does not consider her hair as one of her most valuable possessions and essentials as a female, and women usually start taking care of their hair from a young age, as they involuntarily begin to imitate their mother in what they do in terms of combing, styling and caring for their hair using different types of creams and oils, but of course the real responsibility lies. In caring for children's hair from the daughters to the mother.

Hair types vary in softness, color, and length, so that there is hardly any hair similar to the other, but it remains always for the hairdresser to give the final flowery look that every woman aspires to in her form, and every mother in her daughter’s appearance.

Harms of continuing to pull hair:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with tying the hair back, whether in the form of a ponytail, a braid, or a high or low bun from time to time, but the harm lies in continuing to tie the hair in this way day after day to get a more ornate and coordinated look according to our oriental thought, but with weakening the hair. and influence its growth and health, which leads to:
  • Weakening of the small hairs that begin to grow at the front of the head and on the frontal hairline, which leads to hair loss and the frontal hairline to recede.
  • Hair breakage and weakening as a result of the use of elastic bands, which is another problem, especially the poor types of them, which ultimately leads to the loss of this split hair when the band is taken off.
  • Increasing the problem of hair breakage, as a result of weakening and pressure on its hairs. Its negative effect is equivalent to the effect of hot air dryers on hair, especially while continuing to style it wet and pulling it back for long periods.

How can you maintain and strengthen your daughter's hair?

  • Don't pull the hair back, even if you want to touch it gently.
  • Don't style your hair the same way and in the same direction every day. Do not think about pulling the hair back while it is wet, and it is preferable not to start styling the hair immediately after taking a shower and leave it for a while until it becomes semi-dry.
  • Use moisturizing creams before you start styling your hair, as this helps prevent breakage.
  • Try to use good quality hair accessories, as these types often do not need to be tightened when used in hair styling.
  • Don't let your daughter go to bed with her hair tied back.
  • Pay attention to your daughter's feelings. If she is in pain while you are styling her hair, know that you are pulling on her hair with unwanted and unwanted force.