Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Dental problems in children and methods of treatment

Among the dental problems in children are caries and early tooth extraction.

Causes of tooth decay:

The main causes of tooth decay:
  • Not cleaning it regularly and improperly.
  • Food quality: mainly sugars and pastries, because it is difficult for some children to clean them.
  • Genetic reasons.
  • Caries prevention methods.

The most important way to protect the teeth is to brush them regularly at a rate of 3 times a day after eating in a vertical way and from the gums towards the teeth.

And the process of brushing the teeth starts from the age of 6 or 7 months, i.e. since it appears through a piece of cloth after the process of feeding or breastfeeding, and the process lasts until the age of 3 years, and when the child is able to hold the spoon to eat, he can be trained to hold the brush and brush his teeth, and the child gets used to this Habit since childhood and maintains it when he grows up.

And children should avoid eating colorful foods that contain significant amounts of sugars. Encouraging him to eat solid food ingredients such as uncooked vegetables and grains, which helps the teeth to perform their functions, as well as the growth of the upper and lower jaws and the bone that contributes to the regular growth of teeth.

Early visit to the dentist:

It is about 3 years old, and it is a normal visit, and it is not because of a problem in the teeth, to get to know the dentist and his clinic only, and so that the child is not surprised by any diagnosis in the future.

This visit also helps to identify any problem in the child's teeth that the parents did not notice
There is a black color that appears sometimes in some children at the level of the teeth, and it is not due to decay, but rather due to a type of bacteria that protects the teeth.

Early extraction of teeth in children:

Early extraction of teeth in children is a result of their decay. When diagnosed late in tooth decay, the only solution is extraction.

Parents believe that there is no problem with early extraction of teeth in the child, but it represents a major problem because the deciduous teeth have a certain age when they fall out, they give way to the permanent teeth to emerge straight, but when the deciduous teeth are extracted early, this contributes to the delay in the emergence of the permanent teeth as a result of the closure of their place Because of the rest of the teeth in the mouth, with the passage of time, and when the time comes for the permanent tooth to emerge, it finds its place closed.

But when it is necessary to extract the milk tooth early in the child, something must be put in place to preserve the place of the permanent tooth until it emerges, and in this case, les mainteneurs d'espace fixe must be used so that the child does not tamper with it, and that is in the event of one tooth being pulled out, but when a number of Teeth removable space maintenance devices can be used.