Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Does the delay in introducing food to the infant affect his appetite?

Feeding the baby:

Recent studies call for food to be introduced to an infant at four or five months of age. How do you determine the right time to introduce solid food to your baby? And what effect did that have on his appetite later?

Some grandmothers say that delaying food may make your child lose his appetite for many foods and may tend to refrain from eating, while doctors and nutritionists say that serving food early may expose him to many problems such as indigestion and allergies, so what is the correct opinion?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants should only be breastfed until they are six months old, and breast milk or formula will provide the calories and nutrients your infant needs for this period.

Some infants may show their desire to eat from the age of four to six months, so you should notice the signs that your baby is ready to eat and make the right decision for him accordingly. However, continue to breastfeed or bottle-feed for at least a year.

What will happen to your baby if you give him food before four months or after six months?

  • If you introduce solid food to your baby before four months: you will put him at risk of choking, and he will need less milk.
  • If you introduce solid food to your baby after seven months: you will be more likely to have an allergy to many types of food.

What is the secret in providing food in the sixth month of infants?

Breast milk provides all the nutrients an infant needs, such as iron, until the age of six months.
Also, at the age of six months, the infant shows signs that he is physically ready to eat solid foods, and these signs include the following:
  • Shows interest in food when you eat it.
  • Can sit without assistance.
  • He raises his head up.
  • He puts food in his mouth.
  • Swallows food and does not push it out.

If the baby refuses to eat, won't let him touch his lips, and doesn't interact with you when you give him food, he probably isn't ready to eat solid food yet. Try another brand, and if he still refuses, offer him food after a few days.