Thursday, April 20, 2023

Does my child see me?.. The level of vision in a newborn baby

The sense of sight in a newborn:

When a child is born, his sense of sight is weak and ineffective! Over the months his vision becomes more and more accurate. During its first days, the infant's vision is blurry and it is not far from 50 cm! Bright colors such as red attract his attention, as well as moving objects. Despite this, the child will be able to recognize his mother! Her smell, her hair, her face...

You can start helping your baby see well by stimulating him visually. Create a theoretical relationship with your child by answering his gaze with caresses, words and sounds! Big toys of different colors and sizes, in a stimulating place, and put some toys hanging over his crib.

But be careful not to exaggerate in urging and stimulating him, as this can make him a bit nervous and restless! Know that only after 5 months your infant will gain vision almost as accurate as an adult, so be patient!

When do you really worry?

It is best to see your pediatrician if your child shows these signs:
  • When your little one never responds to looks or his vision is always vague.
  • When you notice abnormal movements in his eyes.
  • If he has a squint.
  • If his eyes are always red and stuck together.
  • If you notice a deformity in his eyelids.
  • When there are large amounts of secretions in his eyes.