Saturday, April 22, 2023

Dolphin Village in Dammam.. Fun dolphin shows for children and youth

Dolphin Village in Dammam:

  • Dolphin Village is one of the most entertaining villages that your child can enjoy in Dammam, and Dolphin City is located in Dammam within the Dolphin Village.
  • As evidenced by its name, it contains fun dolphin shows for children and young people as well.
  • The city does not only offer dolphin shows, but also offers special shows for sea lions, which is the most beloved aquatic animal for children, due to the funny sounds it makes that attract their attention.
  • The entertainment in Dolphin City is not limited to water shows for dolphins and sea lions only, but also has a variety of wild animals available to visitors.
  • This is in addition to the presence of an aquarium that contains many colorful fish that delight the eyes of everyone who watches them.
  • The amusement park also includes a lot of various entertainment games, and it is also possible to stay in the chalets provided by the Dolphin Village, in addition to the possibility of dining with its international quality restaurants.