Thursday, April 20, 2023

Drinks forbidden to young children.. Soft drinks. Ready juices. Highly sweetened drinks. Energy Drinks. Fatty drinks filled with cream and fat. Tea, coffee and stimulants

Drinks prohibited for mothers and young children:

There are some prohibitions that mothers must completely avoid when offering them to young children, including what is prohibited during the breastfeeding age and allowed after the end of the first year. We offer some prohibited drinks for young children and what are their alternatives.

Soft drinks:

No soft drinks during childhood, and it is better if you can completely, even during adolescence, and always. You should also avoid them, as soft drinks in their entirety are very harmful to the digestive system and to the bones and their health as well, because they cause osteoporosis, in addition to cola in particular, which is the most harmful black drink. For digestion, or any other types if not after food.

Ready juices:

Although I have assured you that natural juices are the alternative to soft drinks, I mean homemade juices. Prepared juices are not actually natural juices. They are full of flavor and color and are highly sweetened, with little or no natural juice. In addition to poor storage sometimes.
Make natural juices from seasonal fruits at home and serve them to your little ones as fresh as they like.

Highly sweetened drinks:

Any highly sweetened drinks are not allowed, and the human tendency for sweetened or even salty dishes and drinks comes with getting used to. Accustom your children to the least possible sweetener, and try to sweeten with diluted honey instead of sugar, provided that it is natural honey, whether white or black.

Energy drinks:

Energy drinks in the market are among the most harmful drinks because they contain caffeine, high sugars, and some substances that raise the energy level in the body, such as inositol and ginseng. Together, the substances bring great harm to both the nervous and digestive systems.

Creamy and fatty drinks:

Milkshakes available in cafes and restaurants are very creamy drinks, especially with the addition of cream, melted chocolate, and so on. If you allow your child to eat it once, there is no objection, but it is not preferable to repeat the matter often. It is not allowed to be taken by anyone under two years of age, so as not to affect the stomach. Serve it to him at home with low-fat milk without a lot of cream and chocolate

Tea, coffee and stimulants:

It is not preferable for children to drink any stimulant drinks such as tea of all kinds, coffee of all kinds, as well as cola, as it contains caffeine.

After passing part of the teenage age, children are allowed to have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee while studying, provided that they never eat more than two a day so as not to affect the nervous system and not to get used to the young child strongly.