Saturday, April 1, 2023

Educational children's games and pedagogical children's games.. Puzzles and riddles. Discover the different. game Simon says. One for you and one for me

Educational children's games and pedagogical children's games:

You may have heard the saying that babies are like sponges and this is especially true of children between the ages of one and three, so start with one of these educational games:

game Simon says:

A game that can be played with one person or with a group of children, it is a classic game that teaches children how to follow instructions.
It's you Simon and the kids have to do what you say: Give orders Simon says touch your toes!

One for you and one for me:

This game is perfect for young children, teaches them to share Put a pile of things like crayons or buttons and ask him to distribute them between you while saying "One for you, one for me" Make sure each one of you has a container to keep your growing collections.

Puzzles and riddles:

Puzzles are great games for young children because they cover all the bases: physical (from collecting suitable pieces), cognitive (solving the puzzle) and emotional skills (learning how to be patient) It also enhances your child's memory, and he learns about different shapes.

Discover the different:

Put a group of blocks of the same color in front of your child and make sure to add at least one block of a different color (you can also do this with small fruits or vegetables) and let him identify the different object.