Sunday, April 30, 2023

Fertility of postpartum women and the effect of breastfeeding on fertility

Fertility of women after childbirth:

How to avoid pregnancy during the breastfeeding period, you can do this by knowing and monitoring your menstrual cycle and avoiding sex during the ovulation period, but sometimes, the menstrual cycle is not regular, and this d makes you prone to unwanted pregnancy.

Monitoring the rise in body temperature:

Another method is to monitor the rise in body temperature, which rises around the ovulation period. By measuring your body temperature in the morning each day, you can determine the peak rise in heat that occurs at the stage of ovulation. However, during the breastfeeding period you may also suffer from irregular body temperature and this may make everything more complicated for you.

Position and consistency of the cervix:

Finally, another, albeit minor, sign is the position and consistency of the cervix, which changes during the menstrual cycle.

Urine sticks:

You can try using urine sticks to detect your LH flow, but if you haven't had your period yet, it's hard to tell when it's the right time to start using the sticks and check for a positive result.


So, the ideal way if you want to get pregnant is to have regular sex 2-3 times a week. But if you don't want to get pregnant, you can use an effective method of contraception such as a male condom, diaphragm or IUD once the uterus has returned to its original size (not recommended in the first six months in the case of a caesarean section), or oral pills can be used. Taken to prevent pregnancy during breastfeeding, this type of birth control pill contains only progesterone and is not harmful to the baby and is highly effective.