Saturday, April 29, 2023

First aid in cases of accidents involving a child.. Cases of burns, bruises and bleeding

First aid in cases of accidents involving a child:

We must know some first aid to deal properly in the event that our children are exposed to any accident, especially since the excess naughtiness of children exposes them to many disasters:

In burn cases:

Whether through contact with hot objects or pouring hot water, God forbid, or otherwise, these are burns that cause severe pain and may reach the point of deformities or death, so the first moments after the fire are among the most important moments in which first aid can be performed to save the child, as it must first Remove the child from the source of the burn, and then cool the affected area with cold water, not ice, because tissue damage continues even after removing a child from the source of the burn. Therefore, tissue damage must be stopped by cooling the affected area with cold water. In addition, the water relieves pain and washes the affected area. So as not to be contaminated with dust, germs and dirt surrounding the skin.


As the naughty child is more exposed to bruises due to his increased movement, recklessness, impulsiveness, and lack of focus most of the time, and perhaps one of the most dangerous bruises is the bruise of the head, and one of the easiest first aid in this case is to massage the bruise site so that no blood pooling occurs in this place, and put Ice on the place of the bruise in the case of the availability of ice in this place.

In cases of bleeding:

If the child is exposed to bleeding, the mother must first make sure that the wound is completely free of any foreign body, then put pressure on the place of the wound and tie it with a clean bandage. If the wound is in the hand, we make the child raise his hand to the top. blood supply to the wound area.