Thursday, April 20, 2023

For these reasons, your child puts everything in his mouth

Reasons why the infant puts everything he holds in his mouth:

Have you noticed recently that your child tends to put everything he holds in his mouth, and you are still searching for the reasons associated with this condition in order to make it easier for you to deal with it. Here are the most prominent of these reasons:

  • The child, from the age of two to three years, resorts to placing objects and toys in particular in his mouth in an attempt to explore them or to recognize their taste. Here we advise you to pay attention to the type of toys that you give him and to avoid small pieces that your child could swallow when placed in his mouth, with the need to sterilize them before giving them to him.

  • The child generally feels noticeable pain and discomfort at the level of his gums during the teething period, which prompts him to put whatever he is holding in his mouth and press on the gums in an attempt to reduce this pain. This step is often accompanied by drooling and noticeable redness of the gums.

  • The child sometimes tries to occupy himself by putting his finger in his mouth, as this step seems amusing to him, and he also resorts to that when he feels tense or nervous.

  • The child feels a great desire to discover the taste of the foods he notices, which prompts him to put them in his mouth. Sometimes he also tends to dip his finger in the drinks and then put it in his mouth in order to get to know its taste.