Sunday, April 30, 2023

For these reasons, your newborn baby makes sounds while sleeping

Baby sounds while sleeping:

The infant, especially during his first months, makes sounds that may seem a little strange to his mother, which causes her to worry, although these sounds are often considered normal. If you recently noticed your baby issuing these sounds, accompany us on this topic, as we will introduce you to some of the reasons that may lead to this situation.

  Why does your baby make noises during his sleep?

  • The infant in this age group suffers from a noticeable increase in the amount of nasal mucus, which, if it is not removed properly, prompts him to make sounds suggesting his discomfort and groaning while moaning. Here it is necessary to use a special pump to suck out this mucus and nasal spray for children.

  • The infant often makes sounds during his sleep if the mother does not help him burp after feeding him. It is necessary here to ensure that the child burps after being breastfed and to give him the necessary time for that, especially since he may burp more than once.

  • The infant secretes a high percentage of saliva during his first months, which may cause him difficulty in swallowing it, in addition to acid reflux, which in turn leads him to make strange sounds during his sleep.

When should you worry about these sounds?

  • It is not permissible to worry about these sounds if they are related to one of the reasons mentioned above. However, certain cases require consulting a specialized pediatrician in order to reduce its negative effects on the infant and treat them in the right ways.

  • When an infant has an infection of the nose and ear, for example, he will inevitably make sounds during his sleep, and it is advisable here to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate medicine for him after diagnosing his condition. It is also necessary to consult a pediatrician in the event that your child's breathing rate increases significantly with loud sounds, as these symptoms may indicate cases that require medical follow-up.