Saturday, April 1, 2023

Games that help develop children's intelligence.. Lego. Puzzles. Stacking games

Children's intelligence development games:

Games are more than just entertainment, some types of games can make children smarter, and you can resort to these games to develop your child's intelligence, including:


Cubes or Lego are the most important brain games for children as they work on developing the mind, and they can be played by displaying cubes of different colors and sizes in front of the child so that he can discover them and build whatever he wants from them.


Brain games such as chess and puzzle solving are very important for developing intelligence, problem-solving skills, cognitive and motor skills. There are many types of puzzles that children can play, including tangram games and board puzzles.

Stacking games:

That is, sorting, arranging and assembling the pieces, and it helps improve motor skills, coordination, early learning development for young children, spatial and visual perception, and balance.