Sunday, April 30, 2023

Haircut for little girls.. French hairstyles. Runway Girls Hairstyles. Short curry. Hair story Ala Gerson. uneven curry story. Digrady hair story

Haircut for little girls:

French hairstyles:

Short curry:

It is suitable for short hair because it appears more dense, and is desirable for easy handling of hair by cleaning, combing and styling.

Hair story Ala Gerson:

One of the most famous French haircuts, similar to boys' hair, suitable for young girls with soft oval hair.

Runway Girls Hairstyles:

One of the best haircuts that gives the hair vitality, gives the face a beautiful look, and gives thicker hair, and the most important of these cuts:

Digrady hair story:

This haircut is perfect for showing femininity, and the hair is shorter from the front than the back and wavy in length from the front to the back.

The uneven curry story:

It is now a famous cut because of its adoption by movie stars, and it resembles a short kare, but it is not flat in length.