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Health benefits of papaya for children.. Strengthening the immune system. Improve digestion. Natural laxative. Treatment of parasitic worms. Skin ulcer control. Good for digestion

Papaya Fruit and Pregnancy:

There are many misconceptions about papaya being an abortifacient and that it is a contraceptive, and this is true to some extent because the unripe fruit which has few biochemicals can cause miscarriage and contraception but the more ripe the fruit and the fewer abortion biochemicals this disappears. .

Papaya fruit for infants and children:

Papaya is one of the best fruits that can be given to children for better health, as papaya fruit contains many health benefits that come from vitamins, minerals and bioactive chemicals, and it can be eaten by infants from the age of eight months.

Some of the traditional uses of papaya:

The traditional use of papaya as a medicine can be traced back thousands of years, and the whole plant has been used for its medicinal properties and ability to treat many ailments, the most famous of which are indigestion and diarrhea.

Papaya nutritional value:

Every 100 grams of papaya contains a great nutritional value represented in the following:
Energy 43 calories, fat 0.26g, carbohydrates 10.82g, total fiber 1.7g, sugar 7.82g, calcium 20mg, iron 0.25mg, magnesium 21mg, phosphorus 10mg, potassium 182mg, sodium 8mg, zinc 0.08mg, vitamin C 60 mg, thiamine 0.023 mg, riboflavin 0.027 mg, niacin 0.357 mg, vitamin B-6 0.038 mg, folate 37 mcg, vitamin A 950 mcg, vitamin E 0.3, vitamin K 2.6 mcg.

Papaya health benefits:

There are many health benefits provided by the papaya fruit, including the following:

Ideal food for babies and children:

Papaya contains many different vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal food for infants and children under one year of age, as these vitamins and minerals are very necessary for bone growth, brain development, increased child immunity and whole body development during the first months of the child.

It contains many essential vitamins and minerals:

It contains vitamin A, which enhances the power of vision and works to reduce the chances of developing night blindness and remove growth disorders. It also contains vitamin B, which is useful in strengthening the heart muscles, intestinal muscles, skeletal muscles, and developing a healthy brain by strengthening nerve cells, too. Papaya contains Vitamin B3 which promotes the formation of new cells, repair of old and damaged genetic information and promotes a healthy nervous and digestive system. Papaya also contains a high percentage of calcium and magnesium for proper bone and tooth health. The iron present in papaya can maintain healthy hemoglobin levels and red blood cell count. .

Strengthens the immune system:

Eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune system and fights off the microbes that invade the body, and papaya is one such fruit that has actually been shown to be effective in strengthening and boosting the immune system.

Improves digestion:

Indigestion can be easily removed by eating papaya fruit. Mostly, indigestion can be seen in infants and children due to a weak digestive system. By feeding a child papaya, one can make sure that indigestion never bothers them. There are also notes in historical writings about the experiences of Spanish soldiers who They were eating papaya and their indigestion completely disappeared.

Natural laxative:

Eating papaya is also beneficial in controlling constipation in the body. The dietary fiber present in papaya is ideal for regulating bowel movements.

Treatment of parasitic worms:

Infants and children usually face the problem of parasitic worms in their intestines. There are different types of worms that can infect the digestive tract of a child. Giving them a small amount of dried papaya seeds with honey can be very beneficial in controlling parasitic intestinal worms.

Skin ulcer control:

Papaya fruit is very useful in controlling skin ulcers and burns, and the pulp of the fruit can be used to prevent burn infections.

Good for digestion:

The enzymes found in papaya are very effective in improving the digestive process, and it is usually used as a laxative while cooking meat and also helps in the digestion process for children. Papaya can be given in small doses to children with celiac disease.