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Healthy nutrition in children.. Providing foods that give children energy and immunity

Healthy nutrition for children:

Healthy nutrition for children is the obsession of every mother, as mothers try to provide food that gives their children energy and immunity, and the mother always searches for the best to ensure the safety of her child and help him grow and that the average height and weight are consistent

And the child must be accustomed from the beginning to healthy foods and avoid foods that only provide him with pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary that his nutrition be regular and balanced and that the major food groups are available, which are:

1- Proteins:

Its role is to help develop muscles and strengthen immunity and the body.

2- Sugars:

Sugars are slow and fast absorbing. It provides energy for the body and is found in (bread and bread...) so that the child is in vitality and activity and to focus in the department.
It is recommended to consume fast-absorbing sugars from natural sources, such as honey, cereals, vegetables, milk and its derivatives.

3- Fatty:

It is better to consume good fats, by avoiding fried foods and hydrogenated oils found in street foods.
It is recommended to consume natural and good oils, which are found in olive oil, flaxseed, sesame and fish.

The importance of breakfast:

Morning breakfast is very important for a child. And he should be at home to eat it slowly. It must also contain:
  • One of the sources of calcium (milk and its derivatives).
  • One of the ingredients of slow-absorbing sugars, such as bread, rice with milk, and shield...
  • It is very important to have the elements of these two groups. Slow-absorbing sugars provide the child's body with energy for hours of the day.
  • Proteins found, for example, in eggs can be added to build muscle on the one hand. On the other hand, to avoid starvation. it provides proteins and oils for the body.
  • It is possible to add one of the types of grains that provide fiber to the body, or a type of natural juice.
  • It is possible to respond to the child's inclinations by providing a type of food with the taste he prefers, such as sweet or salty.
  • Quick touch should be avoided. And avoid counting on it instead of breakfast.

Healthy foods:

  • Healthy foods: These are natural foods, not canned foods, due to their many harmful effects.
  • Unhealthy foods: They are those whose ingredients contain artificial sweeteners and colourings, as they contain huge amounts of sugar. Therefore, it is preferable to consume home-cooked foods. Which is available on natural elements.
  • Oils in canned foods should be avoided. which is not usually of good quality. Therefore, it is necessary to see the constituent elements of canned products. Which is usually written on the outside of the box.
  • Avoid consumption of (palm oils and hydrogenated oils).
  • Limit white sugar consumption and replace it with honey. And sugar can be replaced in home food recipes with dates and bananas as natural ingredients.
  • Avoid bad eating habits to avoid diseases such as obesity.

The child can be accustomed from a young age not to eat harmful sugars found in gum and candy. Because when you reach adolescence, it becomes very difficult.
Recent studies have shown that excessive movement in some children is the result of irregular feeding. And also to eat unhealthy foods such as those that contain colours.
And children can eat foods that contain colorings, such as candy, due to their strong desire for them, but not permanently.

Avoid repeating meals:

Frequent meals should be avoided. Because the child hates the taste of the food he eats many times.
It is better to decorate the child's plate with different shapes and sizes of food. And his participation in the process of preparing a dish to eat.

Good growth of the child:

  • It is normal for a small child to eat in small quantities, given that his stomach is small in size.
  • If the weight and height are in a normal format, there is no problem.
  • If the child does not suffer from a deficiency in iron and vitamins, then his growth is normal.
  • This type of child must be accustomed to adhere to basic meals, which must be varied and healthy.

Foods that provide immunity to the child:

  • You must eat healthy foods that are available in the basic groups, and that contain minerals such as iron, vitamin C and calcium, to avoid the effect of viruses and bacteria on the child's health.
  • Food should be balanced.
  • Foods that contain iron, which are legumes, such as (lentils, chickpeas, beans...) and green vegetables, such as parsley, peppers, spinach, and animal proteins found in liver and red meat.
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins (Vitamin C, found in oranges, kiwis, and strawberries) are antioxidant vitamins.
  • Drinking water because it cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Nutritional supplements:

A child should not be given nutritional supplements unnecessarily. This can be done by consulting a doctor when there is a weakness in the needs of his body.
It is preferable that the nutritional supplements be natural.

Worms in the intestine:

Worms in the intestines impede the child's natural growth, so it is necessary to use the necessary medicines as well as natural oils such as garlic oil.
It is also advised to stay away from sugar.