Sunday, April 30, 2023

Home ways to treat constipation in infants.. Light aerobics. Liquids. Bathing. massage. Diet change

Home ways to treat constipation in infants:


Light exercise:

Movement, walking, and light exercise are among the best home methods that can help treat acute constipation. In the case of children who are unable to walk or crawl, the mother or father can put the child to lie on his back while holding the feet and moving them in a manner similar to a wheel in a simple and light way, and continuing for several minutes. After that, the child can be placed on his stomach and start massaging the back from top to bottom.

• Liquids:

Liquids in general and natural drinks are one of the best ways to help stimulate bowel movement and prevent constipation, as they contribute greatly to its treatment. Babies drink milk as a natural and only source of food, but a feeding of natural herbs such as anise, caraway or mint can be added with a little water during Today, after consulting a specialist, natural herbs help regulate the functioning of the stomach and digestive system and treat constipation.

Natural juices can also be offered without any sweeteners to children after the age of six months, such as fruit or vegetable juice.


Bathing with warm water works to relax the abdominal muscles and relieve stress, as it works to calm the nerves in general, which can be a cause of constipation.


Massaging the stomach as well as the lower part of the abdomen more than 3 times a day is one of the best solutions that can stimulate the stomach and improve the performance of the digestive system to help the child excrete and treat the problem of constipation. The stomach and the lower abdomen in a circular way, then from the top to the bottom, then in a circular way again. The same training steps can be repeated, but after putting the child to sleep on his stomach.

Diet change:

Doctors advise mothers, if the infant is constipated, to stop giving him some types of food, such as milk derivatives such as yogurt and cheese. In the event that the child depends on formula milk, it is preferable to change the type of milk on which the child depends.