Sunday, April 9, 2023

How can constipation be treated in infants and children?

Treating constipation in children:

The organic causes of constipation in infants and children, which are treated by the doctor, or the functional causes must be determined, whereby correcting errors at home is by providing foods rich in fiber such as broccoli, dry legumes, and fruits such as apples, peaches, dates...and whole grains, and accustoming the child to eating Healthy foods such as food rich in olive oil and avoiding carrots and bananas that are not fresh
It is necessary to drink water and natural juices without sugar, to avoid pastries and fast food, and not to drink too much milk.

The importance of physical activity and motivating the child to defecate:

Physical activities should be strengthened to stimulate the digestive system and facilitate the defecation process. The child should go to the bathroom after every meal, even if he has no desire to defecate, and he should be in a comfortable position because the process requires pressure on the feet.

And the child must be reminded of the defecation process, especially while playing.
And the doctor prescribes a number of medications in the form of laxatives that can sometimes be injected, and they must be according to the prescription to avoid complications that may sometimes be serious.


Breastfeeding protects the child from constipation, and it is necessary to drink large amounts of water and eat a variety of meals.
And care must be taken to exercise.