Wednesday, April 19, 2023

How can you safely bathe a baby? And important tips while taking a shower

baby shower:

An infant needs a lot of care and attention to maintain his health and safety, and paying attention to personal hygiene and bathing the child is important and necessary. Follow the following article with us to tell you how you can safely and safely bathe the infant with steps, and important tips while bathing your child.

Bathing the infant:

You do not need to bathe the baby every day, the face, neck, hands and buttocks can be washed carefully instead, but when bathing the baby you must choose a suitable time when your baby is awake, make sure the room is warm, and be sure to prepare all utensils in advance such as a bowl of water Warm, towel, fresh diapers, and clean clothes.

Tips for safely bathing a baby:

It is best to avoid bathing your baby immediately after feeding, or when he is hungry or tired, and make sure that the room in which he bathes is warm, and that you have all the tools you will need. Here are some important tips for safely bathing your baby:
  • The water should be warm, not hot, check the water temperature with your wrist or elbow.
  • Hold your baby on your knees and take off all of his clothes except for the nappy, then wrap them in a towel.
  • Dip the cotton in the water, but without getting it completely wet, and gently wipe around your child's eyes from the nose to the outside using a new piece of cotton for each eye, so as not to transfer any stickiness or infection from one eye to the other, also wipe around the ear from the outside and the neck With a piece of clean cotton.
  • After that, wash his hair with plain water over the bowl.
  • Once your baby's hair has been gently dried, you can take off the nappy and brush off any dirt.
  • Gently place the baby in the pot or bath with head and shoulders supported.
  • Do not add any liquid detergents to the bath water. Plain water is best for your baby's skin in the first month.
  • Keep your baby's head away from the water, and use the other hand to gently move the water over your baby.
  • Never leave your child alone in the bathroom, not even for a second.
  • Lift your baby out of the bathtub and gently pat him dry with a towel, focusing on the folds of his body.
  • After bathing, it is the right time to massage your baby. Massage can help babies relax and sleep, but avoid using any oils or lotions until your baby is at least one month old.
  • If your baby is screaming and seems afraid to take a bath, try taking a shower together.