Saturday, April 22, 2023

How do I deal with my eight-year-old daughter?

How to deal with my daughter?

The mother is surprised once by a sudden change in her child's behavior, so her mood becomes changeable, or she can ask for some things that she did not ask for before, in addition to the questions she is looking for an answer to, and thinking about things that make her feel independent, here the mother begins to feel that she needs To find out what is the correct way to deal with her child without making her affected by a psychological crisis, and without a backlash from her, and to answer the question, how do I deal with my daughter, follow the following lines.

Some things that a mother should do with her 8-year-old daughter:

Discovering and writing down these matters greatly contributes to knowing the correct way on the basis of which she can deal with her child without problems, in addition to gaining her trust later, and therefore you will find the answer to your question, how do I deal with my daughter

Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the child:

At this time, all that the child will do is to prove herself and to have an independent personality with her, and for this she can participate in the challenges, in addition to participating in many fields.

Here, the mother must search for the child's weaknesses and support and strengthen them, in addition to supporting her. In that case, the child will be able to achieve what she wishes, and gain her confidence in herself. On the other hand, the mother gains her confidence in her choices, because she believed in her and her talent and encouraged her to do so.

Give your daughter a chance to do what she wishes:

A big mistake some mothers make when she finds her child loves to do something new, or she wants to shine in some field to shine and stand out among her friends. Do what she loves and watch her without knowing or feeling, and beware of underestimating her interests.

Set aside time to sleep:

Of course, at this time, you may find the matter rebellious for her child to adhere to specific sleep times, while children from 8-11 years old need to get an adequate amount of sleep, and for this you must talk to her with reason and itching as if she was old and introduce her to the advantages that she will get from Going to bed at an early and specific time, and she can be offered some options that help her achieve this, and from here you will know the correct answer to the question of how do I deal with my daughter.

Try to read her eyes and the features of her face without speaking:

The mother's instinct helps in achieving this, because knowing what she wants to talk about without asking about it increases the movement of communication between the mother and her child, and facilitates dealing with her, in addition to that she will know that you are a person who can understand her and know what she feels, besides that you are also the most suitable person to be He sees her weak and gives her strength.

Show her what to do when she feels love and what is the right way to express it:

The child may begin to feel shy about expressing her love at this stage, and for this she must be informed that the love of family and friends is one of the most beloved and gentle things, and that expressing it is not a defect or something that can be ashamed of it, but love must be translated into respect for the mother, father and brothers, and that family bonding is an important matter. A duty, and from here emanates the love of friends. During that period, your child's feelings may change. Try, Madam Mother, to understand her and correct her mistakes with great care.

Set her priority and try to manage her dealings with social networking sites:

In the past, the mother used to watch movies and cartoon series that her children made them watch before her children watched them, but now, with the technological development, the mother does not know what they will watch, so she must be monitored and her time must be organized between studying and watching TV.

And browsing social networking sites In addition to knowing what sites you are browsing, parental control is required on children with social networking sites.

Show her more love and warmth:

The child must feel that she has a home full of warmth and tenderness that is able to contain her in her weakest state, and not only do the things that make her feel that way, but rather repeat the words of love to her, and express to her in phrases how dear she is to you, how much you love her and that she is the best thing that happened to you.