Sunday, April 30, 2023

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Regulating the growth of the child:

There are some methods that can help the mother in organizing her child's sleep at night, so that he sleeps continuously without waking up during this period.

Setting a child's bedtime:

The child must get used to a daily sleeping and waking time. Especially since this makes him distinguish the difference between sleeping at night and waking up during the day. Therefore, she must now reduce the number of hours her child sleeps during the day so that he can sleep all night.

Do some activities that help sleep:

There are some activities that may help the mother to help her child sleep at night, such as:
  • Shower him with warm water before he goes to sleep.
  • Or by singing some quiet songs that children love.
  • She can read him a story before he goes to sleep.
  • But the most important thing is to avoid doing any activities that help attention and thus lose the ability to sleep.

Accustom the child to fall asleep on his own:

This skill may make the child feel anxious and this makes him wake up again. In order to overcome this problem, it is preferable to give the child a doll that we place next to him, because as soon as he embraces it, he will reach a feeling of comfort and security, and that is why he will return again to complete his sleep.

Allocate a sleeping place for the child:

  • The mother should prepare a room for the child to sleep in.
  • You must continue to try until the child gets used to this on his own, especially since this routine makes the child accustomed to the system and when he grows up he will go alone to his room to sleep in it.

Changing the diaper just before the baby goes to sleep:

The mother must be keen to change the diaper immediately before the child goes to sleep, especially since it is one of the steps that help her prepare him for sleep, but she must check it to see if it is clean or not, so as not to cause him anxiety at night and not to cause It has wetness in the occurrence of infections.

Warm the baby well before bed:

  • Provide moderate heating for the child in his room at night to help him sleep at night.
  • Be careful not to leave the room cold so as not to feel insomnia and anxiety at night.
  • The mother should be careful not to increase the temperature in order to avoid the child sweating during his sleep.

Feeding the child before he goes to sleep:

The mother must be keen to breastfeed the child until he is satisfied. Or you can give him some snacks so that he does not feel hungry at night and wakes up again.

Dim lighting in the child's room:

  • The mother should put lamps with dim light in her child's room in order to light it at night.
  • This routine provides the child with calm and security, which gives him a restful sleep until the morning.
  • But you must be careful not to leave his room without lighting the lamp so that he does not feel afraid at night.