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How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?.. Reasons for a baby waking up at night

How do I make my baby sleep through the night?

On the other hand, there are things that the mother must do in order to help her infant to relax and engage in deep sleep throughout the night, including:

Establishing a day and night routine for the infant's sleep schedule:

  • All you have to do, dear mother, is to set specific sleep periods for your child in hours during the day and night.
  • This helps him get used to these periods, and makes his subconscious mind get used to sleeping during this period.
  • Reducing the number of hours of sleep during the day also helps the infant get used to sleeping at night for a long time, as he needs to calm his body and take a sufficient rest during the night.

Too much physical activity during the day:

The physical activity of the child during the day and the child's feeling of fatigue and exhaustion makes the infant sleep for a long time at night. To clarify, during the day you must make the infant do a lot of physical activities. For example, playing with ball, puzzle, cars and swings, in addition to playing with children of his age or with brothers if possible This makes the baby feel tired, so he comes during the night, and he has become exhausted and needs sleep, and you only have to create a sleeping environment for your baby.

Sleeping the infant in a place specially prepared for him:

  • The infant needs to have a place of his own to sleep, as this helps him prepare his thinking for getting ready for bed.
  • Take your baby to his sleeping place every day and repeat that. After a while, you will notice that the baby has gotten used to sleeping in this place, and when he gets a little older, you will find him going to this place on his own and sleeping in it.
  • This habit comforts you, dear mother, later on, and makes your child get used to order and arrangement in his life.

Provide a complete snack for the infant before bedtime:

In addition to the above, when your baby's bedtime approaches, you must provide him with a complete and light meal so that it is nutritious and satiating at the same time. So that the infant does not wake up at night more than once. Because this will cause you and your infant to be exhausted and tired during the day.

Example of these meals you can provide:
  • boiled vegetables.
  • Cerelac with milk.
  • Rice with milk.
This is if the infant has completed his sixth month, but if he has not completed the sixth month, he should not eat anything but milk.

Bathing the child with warm water works to calm his nerves:
Bathing the infant before bedtime helps him to calm down and relax his nerves. You must moisturize your child's skin after bathing using special oils for children. This prepares the infant for a deep sleep. The cleanliness of your child and changing his clothes are among the most important reasons for deep sleep at night, and the infant then gets used to personal hygiene.

  Changing the diaper just before bed:

Changing the diaper immediately before bedtime is one of the most important steps in preparing for sleep for infants. You must ensure that your baby’s diaper is clean before going to sleep because it causes insomnia for the baby. Wetness causes infections and sensitivity on your baby’s skin, which causes a lot of pain and wounds to him. Make sure to moisturize the diaper area using its own moisturizer.

Warm the baby well before bed:

Dear mother, you have to make your child's temperature appropriate and moderate, so he should not be left cold or overheated. Because this causes him discomfort and insomnia throughout the night, in addition to making the temperature of the room in which the child is located, moderate so that the infant does not sweat during sleep and wakes up restless.

Read a short story to the child before going to sleep:

In addition to the aforementioned things that help you in your question of how to make my baby sleep through the night, you should read a short story to your baby while he is in bed, so the sequence of events in the story helps him relax and calm his body from physical activity.

In addition to making the subconscious mind think about the events of the story, therefore, you must carefully choose the stories that you tell your infant and choose easy and positive words, as this helps in forming his personality in the future.

Turn on the lighting in the child's room:

Leaving low and simple lighting in the child's room makes him sleep quietly, as high lighting makes him feel disturbed and anxious during sleep.
Leaving the room without lighting causes him fear and terror if he wakes up during the night.
You should also make the infant's room away from the noise of the rest of the rooms so that he is not disturbed by the sounds of the rest of the family.

Do not hold the baby if he wakes up at night:

The mother is disturbed when the infant cries during his sleep and she is afraid of crying, so she stands next to him and carries him. However, this behavior causes the infant to lose the state of sleep in which he was in and to wake up, but if your infant wakes up at night, you do not have to do anything but calm him down in a dark atmosphere without speaking. As the child needs to be calmed down. He only feels safe when he feels you next to him, he will sleep again.

Reasons for a baby waking up at night:

First of all, you should know the many reasons that cause the infant to wake up at night, including:


The baby may be hungry, as hunger is one of the most important reasons for an infant's anxiety at night.

Need for security:

The infant may get up at night, needing nothing but his sense of safety, and he only needs a hug from his mother or father to go back to sleep again.


Infants during the teething period suffer from a lot of annoying and painful pains for them, so you only have to be patient and then be patient. You can also apply analgesic and moisturizing ointments for the gums, which are intended for this period.