Sunday, April 30, 2023

How do I get rid of dandruff newborn infant?.. Increased sebum secretion on the scalp

Dandruff on the head of a newborn:

Some newborns have a layer of dandruff that covers the front of the head, and causes some anxiety and resentment in mothers because of its unpopular shape, and mothers seek to find some ways that help them get rid of it quickly and finally, and usually this dandruff does not cause itching or pain for children, and returns The reason for the appearance of dandruff is due to several influences that the mother is exposed to during pregnancy, so what are the reasons and how to get rid of it? This dandruff is a layer of sebum that appears on the baby’s scalp after a few days of birth until the age of three months. This dandruff interacts with the sebaceous secretions that make up the tiny follicles, and its accumulation and lack of care for the baby’s hygiene causes fungus that needs treatment later on.

Reasons for its appearance:

The main reason for the appearance of dandruff in the front of the child’s head is due to the high testosterone hormone in the mother in the last months of pregnancy, which leads to an increase in oily secretions on the scalp, and makes it the appropriate environment for the reproduction of fungi that change the color of the dandruff from white to yellow and sometimes to brown with an increase in its thickness and forming lumps It appears to a large extent to the public in the event of a skin infection, which increases the mother's resentment and her insistence on treatment and getting rid of it in record time.

How to get rid of dandruff in a newborn:

  • Gently wash the child's hair on a daily basis, and then comb it with a close-toothed comb gently and without pulling on the child's head, especially since his head is not completely stiff.
  • Stay away from putting any kind of oils on the child's hair or any cream after his bath, as this increases the accumulation of the problem and does not lead to its final solution.
  • Combing the child's hair with a soft and small brush to get rid of scales quickly, taking into account not to put pressure on the child's scalp due to its softness and to avoid wounding it.
  • Avoid wearing headgear when dandruff appears, to reduce moisture that creates a suitable environment for the growth of fungus in abundance, so the dandruff increases until it reaches the area of the forehead, eyebrows and behind the ears, and this means that the child has a case of auto-infectious fungus (i.e. the child’s infection to himself) and treatment is done using Medicated creams and ointments to mitigate and limit their spread.
  • Use a special anti-fungal shampoo to treat dandruff in newborns. It does not contain soda or any chemicals. It is one of the best approved treatments and materials to take care of the child’s personal hygiene.
  • There is no approved method that can be used to prevent the appearance of dandruff, and the methods mentioned in the treatment can be used, which may prevent a small percentage of the appearance of dandruff.