Thursday, April 20, 2023

How do I make my child hear my words?.. Search for modern education methods that prepare him for his future life

The child listens to the words of his parents:

For the children to listen to the words of the parents is one of the most prominent dreams of the parents, as many suffer from the rebellion of the children and their refusal to listen to the orders of the parents. Rather, the matter may reach the opposite of what the parents desire and stubbornness, so it becomes a real problem that needs a solution, and it must be recognized that our children were not created for our time for that We must search for modern education methods that prepare them for their future lives, so how can I make my son listen to my words?

Ways to make the child listen to the words of his parents:

  • You have to be a good example for your children, so that they only see everything good from you.
  • You should avoid screaming for any reason, and address the child in a tone full of love and fear for him, and that all you care about is his happiness and righteousness.
  • When asking for an assignment, reward him for doing it, but not on a permanent basis, so that he does not get used to it, so it is imprinted in his mind that if he does his duty, he will have a gift, but if there is no gift, he will not do his work.
  • Don't talk too much and directives, but keep your words short and sweet, and the child must apply them.
  • If you are determined to punish him and tell him in advance of that, then you have to implement it, and the punishment should be simple without beating, such as depriving him of a picnic, food he loves, or playing with dolls. It is his fate if he sinned, he will not repeat the mistake again.
  • You have to show your love and tenderness to your children, always and forever, and to do the things they love, and to make each child feel his special place with you.
  • Never let your children feel that one of them is special and preferred to you more than others.
  • You have to surprise your children from time to time with a picnic in one of the beautiful places and places for children to play.
  • You have to prepare some types of sweets and delicious food, on a regular basis, and with the whole family meeting, in an atmosphere of happiness, and the exchange of interesting and interesting conversation.
  • Read to your child beautiful and meaningful stories, on a daily basis, as the stories are very popular with the child.
  • Be a fair judge when there is a dispute between your children, and do not take sides with one child over another, and if you are unable to solve the problem, you must seek the help of their father.
  • When he asks you some questions, do not be distracted by him, and answer his questions while showing interest in them. When he does a right job, or fulfills a duty, encourage him and praise him in front of others.