Wednesday, April 19, 2023

How do you deal with your child's refusal of food during teething?

Child refusal to eat:

A child's refusal to eat is one of the most prominent symptoms associated with his teething stage, and the mother often searches for appropriate ways and steps to deal with this problem. If you are facing this problem with your child, we will provide you with a set of ideal tips to encourage him to eat during the teething phase.

  • Make sure to mash the foods you offer to your child, especially boiled fruits and vegetables, which helps him eat them without feeling pain at the gum level.

  • Focus on providing a sufficient amount of milk that provides his body with a noticeable percentage of the vitamins it needs, in addition to fluids that protect his body from dehydration. We refer here to the difficulty of your child eating solid food due to the redness and irritation of his gums, which makes milk and liquids ideal for him during this stage.

  • Do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician if you do not notice any improvement after following the above-mentioned steps, and he will specify for you the steps to be followed in this context. He may also prescribe a specific cream or medication to relieve gum pain, which will encourage your child to eat more.

  • Avoid completely forcing your child to eat, as this step will lead him to refuse to eat in most cases, even after the end of the teething stage. Patience here is one of the main points that will help you convince your child to eat despite his gum pain and the discomfort he feels during teething.