Thursday, April 20, 2023

How do you encourage your little one to brush his teeth?

Tips to encourage your child to brush his teeth:

No one denies that brushing teeth is one of the best habits that you must accustom to children in order for them to be beautiful and healthy, so how do you encourage your child to brush his teeth?

- Do not force your child to putty:

If your little one hates toothpaste or spits it out, don't force him to use it, he can only brush until he gets used to it.

- Make brushing your teeth a priority.

Some mothers ignore brushing teeth in case of delay, or on some days, and this makes the child understand that brushing teeth is not a priority, so whatever the reason, do not ignore brushing teeth.

- Do not threaten your child:

Don't threaten your child to go to the dentist if he doesn't brush his teeth, and make brushing a fun time, you can play a song that the child loves while brushing teeth.

- Give it enough time:

Experts recommend that the brushing process take two minutes, if your child enjoys brushing his teeth, there is no harm in continuing for another four or five minutes.

- Be the best role model.

From a young age, take the child with you while brushing your teeth, as children love to imitate their parents.

- Organizing time:

You can use a small hourglass or timer, or even find a child's favorite song that is two minutes long and play it. Explain to the child that once the clock or song stops, he can finish brushing his teeth, and if the child is in a hurry to finish, this will help him understand the time.