Tuesday, April 18, 2023

How do you protect your children from psychological problems?

Protecting the child from psychological problems:

In order to protect the child from psychological problems, it is necessary to take into account the causes that lead to his suffering from these problems, and work to avoid them in order for the child to enjoy good mental health.
On this topic, we list some tips that help parents protect their children from psychological problems.

Spending enough time with the child:

One of the most important things that protect a child from psychological problems is his family’s efforts to spend enough time with him.
As spending happy times with the child by playing with him and practicing some other activities that he loves can protect him from many psychological problems, most notably depression and loneliness. Because through his good relationship with his family, he feels loved and wanted, which positively affects his personality.

Adopting the praise method:

When parents adopt a method of praising the child's achievements and skills, no matter how small, they ensure good psychological health for the child and avoid undermining self-confidence and low self-esteem.
A child who works hard to win the admiration of his parents and receives only rejection and a negative response from them, no one can expect him to be a normal person from a psychological point of view.

Teaching the child to control stress:

Strengthening the child psychologically is one of the methods of education that many ignore, but it is the most important in building a healthy psychological health for the child.
The determination of the parents to teach the child the methods of relaxation and control of psychological stress, enables him to respond to everything that he may face in a healthy and sound manner. Consequently, this avoids some psychological problems such as the repercussions of personality weakness and all the problems that strong emotions can cause.

Permanent cooperation between parents and school:

Some may not attach great importance to the cooperation between the parents and the school that includes the child, but this matter will complement the education that the child receives in the school, while being careful not to interfere with the education that the parents are keen to give him.
This advice is to avoid psychological problems for the child based on the conflict in education between home and school. Such as deviation, psychological loss, and others.

Hence, every father and mother is entrusted with their child by following the above-mentioned advice to keep his mental health healthy and to ensure a strong and independent personality in the future.