Thursday, April 20, 2023

How does smacking affect the face jokingly in children psychologically?

Damages from hitting children:

We are in an era where most of us, if not all, know that hitting children of all kinds no longer works and that it is a wrong behavior that affects one way or another on the psyche of young people in a very negative way. The same applies to hitting gently or hitting as a joke, as every physical contact is Hitting suggests wrong and harmful behaviour.

Decreases his self-confidence:

In the early stages of the life of the young, the child's self-confidence is built, as well as the external image that he imagines of himself, and the father and mother may support that all the time, but a light blow may completely destroy this confidence and return it to the form of insult and rejection even if this blow is in the form of a joke This may open the door for the young child to accept beatings from other children in school or daycare without complaint.

It turns him into an aggressive child:

When a child gets used, even as a joke, to hit the face, this behavior becomes normal and familiar for him, so he can repeat it more than once with other children or even adults, whether as a joke, violence, or revenge.
Getting used to this matter at home may make it palatable and acceptable to him, especially if it is done in a joking or funny way at home, and accordingly he deals with the matter as if it was a game.

His anger increases:

Even if it started as a joke, hitting the face or any other part of the body opens a door to anger and then violence, and it may be a door to release pent-up anger inside the father and mother, even if the matter does not appear to be like that, then this feeling is transmitted to the little one and he tries to get rid of it by hitting others, such as A little brother or classmates at school and so opens a great circle of mutual anger and violence.

It leaves him with bad memories:

Do you want your child to remember you after many years as his mother who kissed and hugged him all the time? Or that mother who hits the face, even as a joke? Certainly the first option is the best, and it is the one that should be focused on. There are different ways of joking and playing with youngsters that should not include hitting or physical or moral abuse.

He gets things mixed up:

All the time we say to our little ones, do not let anyone hit you, tell the teacher if you are harmed by your classmates, to create a strong rule that beating and physical abuse is unacceptable and must be reported directly, and at the same time the father or mother hits the little one, even in the form of a joke, which gives him conflicting signals And completely contradictory, and makes him wonder between himself and himself Is beating really bad or is it normal? And if he was violent, why did his loving parents do it for him? These signs may make him accept beatings from others, or become more violent with them, depending on the nature of the child.

In the end, hitting as a joke is like insulting and calling the child insulting titles as a joke, all of these things seem normal and not negative, but in fact they may have effects on your child that are difficult to treat later, so this behavior must be avoided to preserve the mental health of your little one.