Sunday, April 30, 2023

How is the treatment of a child's refusal to breastfeed?

Treatment of a child's refusal to breastfeed:

There are some simple tips to help you deal with a baby's refusal to breastfeed:

  • Make sure to breastfeed your baby in a quiet place away from any source of disturbance.
  • Consult a pediatrician to check that your child does not have any organic problem that prevents him from breastfeeding.
  • Use a breast pump to keep it flowing, and give it to your baby until he gets used to suckling.
  • Offer the breast to your baby frequently, but never force it.
  • Make sure to constantly clean your breasts after each feeding.
  • Choose the right breastfeeding position that feels comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Use artificial nipples when you have nipple infections.