Sunday, April 30, 2023

How should we deal with teenagers? What are the things you should avoid doing with a teenage child?

How to deal with teenagers:

If you have teenage children, you should know well after knowing the concept of adolescence and what are the different types of adolescence, to be aware of how to deal with teenagers. Therefore, we will provide you with the most important basics of dealing with teenagers:

  • The children's trust must be earned well from the beginning, so that they do not fall prey to the problems of adolescence, by understanding the changes they are going through at this time and trying to enhance their self-confidence and never underestimate them.
  • Parents should pay attention early to their behavior, because your child's personality is a basic reflection of your personality, so do not do wrong things in front of your son or daughter during this sensitive stage. Therefore, you must be a good example for your children.
  • It is very important to make your son or daughter at this stage an active member of the family, talking to him as if he is a friend who understands you and trying to consult him and take his opinion on some matters, even if you know very well that he does not understand your speech from all sides, but this matter makes him feel that he is an important person It brings you closer and closer.
  • Never underestimate your children's feelings during their adolescence, as they go through severe hormonal changes that make them emotional and moody more than necessary.
  • Keep your teenager's secret well, even if it is trivial to you, because many mothers and fathers repeat some of their children's conversations to their relatives and friends, and this matter disturbs teenagers a lot and makes them move away from their parents.
  • Give your child a space of choice and freedom of opinion in some matters.
  • Make him take on some responsibility, even if it's small.
  • Fathers must also approach their male children, as well as mothers must approach girls, during this period, and talk to them about puberty and the physical changes that occur to them, and make them well aware of talking about some matters such as the transmission of wrong sexual information with friends or using the Internet in the wrong way.

Things you should avoid doing with your teen:

There are some wrong things that parents do out of fear for their children and in the belief that they will control them well to protect them from failure and falling into deviant experiences. Among the most common misconceptions that many parents do at this crucial stage are the following:

  • Continuous criticism of the teenager and all his actions, this makes him feel persecuted because of his strong feelings and mood swings that he is going through at this stage, and thus his self-confidence is shaken and he is exposed to psychological disorders.
  • Constant suspicion and accusations that he is doing something wrong, even if this is true, should never be shown to a teenager.
  • Constant monitoring and inquiring about everything is also one of the most wrong actions that parents do, which also makes teenagers feel that their parents do not trust them.
  • Issuing orders sharply and insisting on their implementation.
  • Excessive coddling and fulfilling all the child's requests during this age are also wrong actions, which make him an irresponsible and selfish person.