Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to calm a nervous child.. How to calm a nervous child.. touch. Distraction. Overcoming fears. patience. Empathize with the child's fears. encouragement

How to calm a nervous child:

Seeing your child when he is upset or excited is definitely undesirable, and you may be confused in these situations about how to act correctly: Do I let my child express his annoyance or stop him from anger and screaming and do not allow him to go too far?

Tips for calming an angry child:

Here are a set of tips that may help calm your angry child next time. Try them:


Holding your baby's hand or hugging him or her may be enough; So that he feels safe and that you stand by him and understand his feelings.

Distract the child from what arouses his anger:

Such as inviting him to a running race between you or cycling together and other kinetic activities that will distract him from what was bothering him.

Help your child overcome his fears:

By creating situations similar to the situations that usually cause him stress, that is, if he is afraid or nervous from playing with a group of children, create the atmosphere for him first to play with one or two children, and so on until he eliminates his tension and learns how to deal with new children, instead of running away The permanent solution to the problem of your child's fear and anger whenever he meets a new child.

Be a friend to your child:

Stop blaming or issuing directions and let your child express himself. Listening to him will make him calm and reassured and ready to listen to you afterwards.

be patient:

Be calm while dealing with your child's anger, because your tension when angry may make him feel bad and thus more nervousness and anger.

Show empathy for your child's concerns:

No matter how simple you see it, don't underestimate it in front of him.

Encourage your child:

And praise him when he faces his fears, no matter how small he takes, such as telling you that he is angry because his new shoes hurt his feet.