Wednesday, April 19, 2023

How to care for a newborn baby?.. Adaptation of the child to his new world after a natural birth or caesarean section

Newborn care:

As for the newborn after a natural or cesarean delivery, he is examined to see how well he has adapted to his new world.


Immediately, the child is brought close to his mother's breast to start the process of accustoming him to breastfeeding. As much as the mother strives for the success of the process, it is possible to ensure that the child is accustomed to breastfeeding.
The process of accustoming the child to breastfeeding is not easy at first, so the mother must try many times and avoid giving him formula milk as much as possible, especially in the first three days.

Medications for a newborn:

A specialized doctor examines the newborn immediately at birth and one day after birth to ensure that its organs are functioning well, while giving the newborn the necessary medications, which are eye drops, for a week at a rate of 3 or 4 times a day.
And vitamin D drops are given to the newborn over a period of one and a half years, at a rate of 4 drops per day, mixed in the blood, physiol medicine to improve the breathing process in the newborn, and the “navel” medicine.

Avoid kissing the newborn and frequent visits:

Some habits that harm the new baby should be avoided, such as kissing and frequent visits, to avoid the transmission of some diseases through kissing, which may lead the child to resuscitation, unfortunately, in addition to the fact that the mother in the postpartum period needs rest.

Observation by a specialist:

  • The child must be monitored after a period of birth, especially when the child is not normal in terms of feeding and excretion processes, and when yellowing is noticed on the child’s face and at the level of the eyes.
  • Also when sleeping a lot and feeling that the child is tired
  • Change in the type and color of normal baby stool
  • Not breathing well and panting
  • You should not wait for the temperature to rise, especially in children at the age of 28 days. You should see a doctor

The normal weight of a child at birth should be between 2700 grams and 3900 grams. If the weight is less, it is related to the birth of the child before the specified date and not being fed as it should be during pregnancy. Therefore, the child who weighs more than 4 kg should be monitored.
If the mother complains of some diseases during pregnancy, such as diabetes.

Gases in newborns:

Gases in newborns appear from the tenth day after birth, and it is not a pathological condition that should not be feared, but the child can be helped to reduce it with some massage in the lower abdomen and moving his feet, in addition to some medicines and home recipes such as Basbas water, and while worrying about these gases, it is Baby crying is normal.

Bathing a newborn baby:

According to the latest studies, it is not recommended to bathe a newborn infant immediately after delivery. As a result, there is no specific time for bathing, and the mother must choose the appropriate time that comforts her child.

Sterogel Vitamin D:

It is recommended to take it daily.

Puffy eye of a newborn baby:

The swollen eye of a newborn infant and its prominence of tears is a result of blockage of some channels, so the nostrils must be cleaned and a massage under the eye performed. If the matter continues after 6 months of the infant’s life, a doctor should be visited, because the matter may require discharging the canal adjacent to the eye.

Infant "flying" habits:

There are good habits among Tunisian families, including drinking Basbas water to reduce gas pain in newborns and massaging his body with olive oil, but the habits of “flying” children are not recommended because it is a dangerous habit. Milk from the breast in ways that may cause many negative repercussions on it.

Reducing children's crying:

He should be hugged and talked to to calm him down or massage his body to relax him.

Starting time for feeding the baby:

It starts from 5 or 6 months, and when the child is satisfied with breastfeeding before that, he does not deserve to drink water because the mother’s milk is rich in water, but when the child begins to eat, it is necessary to drink water.

Breast milk and ways to preserve it:

Breast milk can be kept in sterilized bottles under the refrigerator at medium cold temperatures or inside the refrigerator at high temperatures.