Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to deal with a smart child.. Giving him the tools he needs to succeed. Find like-minded peers. Avoid comparisons. Support your child

Dealing with the smart child:

The presence of a smart child in the family is not an easy matter, as it requires attention and consideration by parents and dealing with it properly, and here are some tips for dealing with a smart child:

Give him the tools he needs to succeed:

This is something you would do for any child regardless of their ability level, but for smart children it may require a little more thought, for example giving your smart child more independence such as a library ticket and the freedom to read what they like, or teach them subjects they will not have the opportunity to study By sending them to a summer school course.

Find like-minded peers:

There are many great interest groups, and getting your child into one of these groups can help challenge them academically and make like-minded friends, as many gifted students struggle to find friends who share their ideas and interests.

Avoid comparisons:

All children are different and people often assume that all gifted children are smart in every subject and are very successful compared to their peers and do not need time to master anything new, and this is not true as it is not necessary for a smart child to be gifted and intelligent in all areas.

Support your child:

Many gifted children have weaknesses and may be very sensitive, so you should support your child through positive talk and spend time with him to get rid of any problem.

Answer all questions and inquiries and not be disturbed by their abundance.