Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to deal with a stubborn, crying child and a stubborn, naughty child.. Effective communication. Provide options. Encouraging positive behavior. Stick to the routine

Dealing with a stubborn child who cries a lot and a stubborn child who is naughty:

You may need to deal with your stubborn, crying, or stubborn child in ways that will avoid constant conflict. Here are some techniques for dealing with a stubborn child:

do not argue:

Stubborn children are always ready to face an argument head on, so don't give them this opportunity and listen to what your child says and turn it into a conversation instead of an argument.

effective communication:

Do not force your child to do something he does not want, this will only make him more rebellious.

Presentation options:

Give your child choices because this makes them feel as if they are in control of their life and give them a chance to make independent decisions.

Put yourself in your child's shoes.

Look at the problem from your child's point of view and try to understand why he or she is behaving this way.

Keep peace at home:

Make sure your home is a place where your child feels happy, comfortable and safe at all times.

Encouraging positive behavior:

Look at your child's stubbornness in a positive light and try to turn the situation into a game by asking your child questions so that the answer is "yes" most of the time as this sends the message that your child is being heard and appreciated.

Stick to the routine:

Adhering to a daily as well as a weekly routine can help improve your child's behavior and academic performance, and this is good for dealing with a stubborn school-age child.

Setting rules and results:

Stubborn children need clear rules and regulations.