Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to develop a child's intelligence at the age of one year.. Sports. Play. Signs and gestures. Encourage reading. food

The development of the child's intelligence at the age of one year:

It is necessary to pay attention and explore your child's intelligence and work on developing it. You can work on developing your child's intelligence at the age of one year by doing a number of things, including:


Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, stimulates your child's brain development and helps him develop more focus.


Play enhances learning, strengthens memory and better cerebral cortex development, and promotes language and intelligence development in a child.

Signs and gestures:

Gesture with your hands improves a child's ability to remember and learn, as psychologists conducted a series of experiments that showed that "children are more likely to remember words and events when their parents indicate to them."

Encouraging reading:

Reading to your child when he is young and encouraging him to read later; A great way to increase his intelligence and motivate him.


Some brain foods such as citrus fruits, eggs, fish and lean meats; It improves memory, prevents mental fatigue and contributes to the overall mental health of the child.