Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to develop the intelligence of the infant.. Activities and positions that help develop the child's brain

How to develop the intelligence of the infant:

It is possible to work on developing your child's brain and thus his intelligence from an early age through a number of activities and things that parents, especially the mother, must do, as follows:

  • Reading: Reading stories to your child from an early age will help develop a set of skills for him, including vocabulary, even if he does not understand them at first, but as he grows older, he will benefit from them.
  • Interaction and play: Choose activities that you and your child can engage in and interact with, especially movement games that stimulate the body.
  • Doing activities that the child enjoys, such as talking, playing, cuddling and singing, as they help his brain development.
  • When you talk to your child, you should pretend that you understand what he is saying in terms of sounds, gestures and looks, as this method is important for the development of his brain and language.
  • Repeat the activities your child wants to do again.
  • Pointing to and naming things around you.
  • Pronounce the words clearly.
  • Sing songs to teach your child words easily when they start to speak.