Saturday, April 8, 2023

How to get rid of an ear infection in an infant

Ear infection in infants:

Otitis media is a common infection among children from 0 to 5 years of age. Early detection of symptoms and application of appropriate treatment will promote recovery within a few days.

Ear infection in infants is a common condition in infants and children. About half of children have at least one ear infection in their first year of life. Also, young children are often treated with antibiotics to treat these infections.

As with colds and sore throats, winter is the best time to catch an ear infection. It is also important to stress that children who have allergies or smoking problems around them will be more sensitive to it.

What is a baby ear infection?

Otitis media is caused by bacteria or viruses from the oral cavity entering the airspace of the middle ear. Abnormal reproduction of microorganisms in the area causes pus as well as swelling of the eardrum, which causes pain in children.

On the other hand, otitis media is more common in the hemorrhagic process because the canal is full of mucus and the conditions are favorable for the excessive growth of viruses and bacteria.

Symptoms of an ear infection in a baby:

Symptoms depend on age. In the case of children, we can suggest irritability, refusal of the bottle due to lack of appetite, vomiting or even discharge from the external ear during more advanced infections. The pain increases when sleeping because the pressure in the ear is greater in the horizontal position. There may also be fever and chills.

It is essential to recognize the symptoms in the early stages of the disease so that the correct treatment can be applied as soon as possible. The recovery will be faster and complications will be avoided.

Home remedies for ear infections in infants:

It is better not to diagnose yourself, but to go to the doctor if you have an infection. We offer you some remedies that are complementary to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, but in no way replace it. In addition, they are only prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation.

Application of essential oils or herbal infusion:

Natural oils and herbal infusions against otitis media in infants. Certain plants, such as peppermint, oregano, lavender, and chamomile, can have analgesic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects.
The method involves making an infusion, soaking it in sterile gauze, and applying it to the child's ear. In addition, a few drops of natural oil, such as olive or almond oil, can be applied to soothe the pain and itching of the middle ear.

Applying hot compresses:

Placing warm compresses on the child's outer ear is also effective. If you don't have sterile gauze, use a bag of seeds heated in the microwave for a few seconds. This will boost blood circulation in the area and ease the discomfort of ear infections.

Eucalyptus steam inhalation:

Inhalation may be effective in relieving the pain of otitis media. Then add a few eucalyptus or mint leaves to a pot of boiling water. Then put a towel over the baby's head and let him breathe in the fumes. Repeat the procedure two or three times a day. Be careful to control the temperature of the steam to avoid burning the baby!

Application of nutritional injections with antibacterial effects:

It is possible to make batches of garlic or onions and then put a few drops in the child's ear. Bring a pot of water to a boil and add an onion and a few cloves of garlic to it. Then filter the resulting liquid to make sure that there are no solid particles left. Then proceed with the application.
Finally, we remind you that these remedies with anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve pain in little ones. On the other hand, it is always necessary to follow the pediatrician's medical recommendations and use prescribed antibiotics.