Thursday, April 20, 2023

How to help your child to strengthen his memory?.. Nutrition tips. Focusing exercises and games

Strengthening the memory of the child:

When starting school, mothers begin to search for ways to help their little ones to strengthen their memory and increase their concentration, so today I give you several important tips regarding this matter, whether it is how to provide food for your little one or exercises to strengthen and activate his memory.

Nutrition tips:

  • Primary sugars are foods that improve the performance of the brain and thinking centers and reduce exposure to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but sugars cause obesity, so it is better to eat them in their natural form, such as fruits and honey. Offer your little one a daily cup of milk or juice sweetened with a spoonful of honey.
  • Vitamins are also one of the most important factors for stimulating memory, especially vitamin C, which is found in lemon, guava, tangerine, orange, strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple. It is also an antioxidant and treats colds.
  • Apples, bananas, and grapes are also among the best types of fruits that can be eaten in the morning to increase concentration.
  • Your little one should get used to eating a variety of salads, because lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes contain many antioxidants.
  • Reducing or abstaining from sweets and everything that contains artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Reducing fats, fast food, soft drinks, sweets and other harmful things.

Focusing exercises and games:

  • The counting up and down game where the mother counts the numbers or objects up and down and asks the little one to correct her... This teacher game is often better for focusing
  • Tell him a story and ask him to tell it to you the next day, or to tell it to his father, for example.
  • Games such as chess, sudoku, and even card games such as cards and uno, as well as crossword puzzles
  • Drawing, such as asking him to draw geometric shapes or animals, as this helps him in imagination, or you put something in front of him and ask him to draw it, as this helps him focus.