Saturday, April 29, 2023

How to overcome excessive naughtiness in children.. Diet to reduce children's naughtiness and lack of focus

Overcoming the excessive naughtiness of children:

Organizing the schedules of the activities that the child does during the day, just as we organize his sleep times and the times he eats food, so there must be a certain time for reading and a time for shopping and a time for playing games, but knowing that there is a group of children who actually suffer from a kind of disorder in the brain cells that causes They have hyperactivity and this is often accompanied by a lack of concentration.

In such cases, there is a special medical treatment where the doctor prescribes a group of drugs that treat this disorder, in addition to taking some natural substances that contain omega-3, and making sure to practice one of the strong sports continuously, such as swimming, tennis or squash, with Make sure to play these games regularly and for an appropriate number of hours so that we can take advantage of the muscular energy and kinetic energy that the child enjoys by putting them in an organized template.

Diet to reduce children's naughtiness and lack of focus:

There are many studies that have proven the relationship between the food the child eats and the child's exaggerated movement and activity. It is assumed that the child moves in order to learn and develop, but when the movement turns into excessive naughtiness in addition to a lack of concentration, we must deal with caution.

There are some foods that cause an exaggerated child’s activity, such as sugars, preservatives, and soft drinks, so care must be taken to follow a healthy diet for the health of our children, and it must contain the following elements:

  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, including carrots, broccoli and lettuce.
  • Have some drinks, including chamomile, as it calms children.
  • Dairy products also soothe babies.
  • Meat proteins.