Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to raise newborn babies and tips for caring for them

Raising newborns:

A newborn baby is very sensitive and you can work with it with some tips:

  • Take care of him with his most accurate movements and details, as this time teaches him to take care of others.
  • Respond to his crying, pain, and looks at you, because these simple movements will take root in him and teach him to respond to you, and later to the needs of others.
  •   Feed him without hesitation when he feels hungry, and hug him when he is afraid, as this will enhance communication between you and strengthen bonds.

Newborn care tips:

For raising newborns, here are some tips:

  • Talk to your child in a soft voice to enhance communication between you.
  • Answer when your child makes sounds by repeating the sounds and adding words, this will help him learn to use language.
  • Sing to your child and listen to music with him, as this helps his brain development.
  • Cuddle your baby, hold him and cuddle him, this will help him feel cared for and safe and strengthen his attachment to you.
  • Pay attention to your child's play and make sure he doesn't touch unsafe things or put them in his mouth.