Sunday, April 30, 2023

How to successfully cut your baby's nails

Keeping the nails short  a difficult task:

Did you know that nails grow by about 0.1 mm every day, and that they grow faster in young people, in men, and during the summer? Neither did we until we investigated it, but certainly not surprised. Although, at first glance, it does not seem like something very important, we assure you that your newborn baby's nails will keep him busy. Keeping the nails short can be a difficult task, since they are constantly growing.

purpose of babies' nails is to get you started on parenting:

As far as we're concerned, the real purpose of babies' nails is to get you started on parenting. They will probably need to be trimmed or filed at least once a week because long fingernails on the hands of newborns with little or no control over them are expected to cause the occasional scratch. If you're behind on the nail trim, your baby will inevitably remind you (and make you feel guilty) by scratching her face when her nails are too long (or if they leave sharp corners or points when you cut them).

Baby Mittens - Useful Up To A Point:

Many parents cover their newborn's hands with baby mittens or socks to prevent them from scratching their face with their uncontrollable fingernails. However, as your baby develops over the next few weeks (and you improve your nail clipping skills), it's a good idea to let babies be free to explore with their hands for a long time. If scratching is still a problem, we suggest limiting the time your baby has her hands covered to when she is sleeping.

Baby manicure and pedicure:

Some parents are intimidated by the thought of having to trim their baby's nails and would probably choose to give them a professional manicure and pedicure if available, but unfortunately this is not an option.

If you're lucky, your hospital nurse will be able to help you with a demonstration of the correct technique, but some hospitals advise their staff not to do this (we can only assume that if they inadvertently injure the baby it could cause a problem). of responsibility). Also, while we're not exactly recommending that they do it (or admitting that we do it ourselves), we do know that some parents choose to bite or "strip" their newborn's nails by hand rather than manipulating nail clippers or scissors. However , you should be aware that doing this could potentially lead to an infection.

Tips for cutting newborn nails:

Since nail clippers and scissors can cut nails in a more controlled manner, you'll be much better off using one (or both) of these items, or simply using a nail file to keep things in check. Tips to achieve the best results:
  •  Cut or file your baby's nails when he is asleep and his hands are not moving as much.
  •  Pull back the skin on the fingertips so you can position the nail clippers or scissors on both sides of the nail and avoid cutting your baby's finger (or toe).
  •  Then, just like a professional manicurist, file down any sharp or jagged edges with a file.
In the end, once you get used to it, it's not so terrible.