Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to take care of an infant from birth to one month old.. Spending time with him. smiling. Playing with the new baby. massage

Infant care from birth to one month:

Your newborn baby up to one month of age needs some kind of care as follows:

Spend time with your child:

try reading, telling stories, talking to him, and singing so that he learns about sounds and words.

Look into your child's eyes:

if your child is looking at you to connect with him, and when your child looks away he is telling you that he has had enough and needs to rest.

Smile at your child:

When your child sees you smiling, he releases natural chemicals in his body that make him feel comfortable and safe and strengthen his bond with you.

Play with your newborn:

What helps your baby's brain develop and learn about the world. It also strengthens the bond between you.

Try massaging your baby:

A baby massage is a great way to bond and calm him down.
Respond to your baby's movements when he doesn't want to do any of the above. He may be tired and need rest.