Sunday, April 30, 2023

infant sleep.. How to teach a child the right time for bedtime

Baby sleep after birth:

A baby sleeps at birth up to 20 hours a day. And these hours will decrease little by little over time until he reaches the age of two to six months, and he begins to sleep at night almost normally (from 6 to 7 hours of deep sleep). When your baby is over six months old, he will sleep 15 hours a day.

How do you tell your child that it is time to sleep!

After the sixth month, your baby's nights will be longer, his body's timing and biological clock will adjust, and you will finally be able to check on him and get some rest in turn. Day by day your baby will get used to the bedtime and you will be able to predict when he will sleep and when he will wake up. The signals that you send to your child become very easy to understand with the passage of time, for this very reason it is essential in your upbringing of your child to accustom him to a special treatment pattern at bedtime, accustom him to certain signals through which he understands that it is the time of immersion in the cradle and deep dreams.

Providing the right conditions for sleep:

Always make sure to provide the best conditions for your child to sleep comfortably (dim light, quiet room, appropriate temperature), and always repeat the same movements with your child when sleeping to get him back to the appropriate atmosphere for him to fall asleep. It is important for your little one to see sleep as a loving time, an opportunity for much-needed rest and relaxation, and not as a punishment imposed on him! And you have all the ways to achieve this: always sing the same song to him, caress him, talk to him kindly, tell him a story and don't think he doesn't understand! Put him in his cradle and put his teddy bear next to him... The bottom line is that accustom your child to certain behaviors before bedtime so that he knows when it is time for the cradle. Don't be too quick to put him to bed from one minute to the next, and avoid stimuli and games that would excite him before bed!

It also becomes a good time to stop breastfeeding the little one several times in the night and every time he wakes up after midnight. Why? You risk making it a habit that will be difficult for you to break later on. Until the sixth month, your child begins to feel separated from you, and all he will search for is your presence by his side, so it is sufficient for you to talk to him a little, reassure him, and then leave him to sleep.