Saturday, April 22, 2023

Instructions for swaddling the baby properly

Instructions for swaddling the baby properly:

In order to properly swaddle your baby, follow these instructions:

  • Carefully choose the swaddling cloth, it should be cotton, thin and light, of medium size.
  • Spread a swaddling cloth on a flat ground, and this cloth should be cotton, and then place your infant on the cloth so that his head is exposed.
  • Put the baby on the swaddling cloth, it should be in the position of lying on the back, straight, completely avoid, to put it on one side when swaddling.
  • Make the swaddling flexible, so that you give your child enough space to move the feet, and it is preferable not to swaddle the hands.
  • Make sure your child has the ability to move their hips, so they don't develop hip dysplasia.
  • If your baby has a high temperature, stay away from the swaddling process completely, so that he is not at greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Check your baby, periodically, and make sure that he moves freely and there is nothing that hinders his movement.