Thursday, April 20, 2023

Is it correct to cut the nails of the infant immediately after birth?

Trimming infant nails:

Many children are born with long, sharp nails, which raises mothers' concern that their little ones may scratch their soft skin with their nails. She's cutting his nails, but what's best for the baby?

When do you cut your baby's nails?

Doctors recommend not cutting or trimming newborn nails during the first month of their life, due to the ease of their wounding and the accuracy of the blood capillaries in this area. Whoever scratches himself while moving his hands in random movements to express joy or cry.

Steps for trimming infant nails:

After your child completes the first month of his life, you can cut his nails using scissors intended for infant nails, which are scissors with curved and safe ends so as not to injure the child in the event that they touch him while cutting his nails, and it is not recommended to restrain the child with the help of another person to cut his nails, as this It may harm the child and lead to him hating the process of cutting his nails, so the best time to cut your child's nails is during his sleep, by following these steps:

  • Take a comfortable cutting position, so that you can hold your little one's fingers and control the scissors well.
  • Choose a place with good lighting, so that you can cut your child's delicate nails easily.
  • Press down gently on the bottom of the nail, to keep the skin away from the nail and avoid hurting your child.
  • Cut the extra length in each of your little one's fingernails.
  • Make sure that you do not leave any sharp edges in the sides of the nails after cutting them, and you can use a soft file for children to do so.
  • Hold the palm of your child's hand with one hand, and hold the scissors with the other hand.

The process of cutting your little one's nails for the first time may be difficult for you, but in the end it is your task, and no one else will do it, just be brave and make sure that you will never harm your little one, but rather protect him from cutting himself with his nails, and after that, you will be able to cut it brilliantly within a few minutes .

What do I do if I inadvertently hurt my little one while cutting his nails?

In the event that you accidentally injure your child's skin, you must be calm until you behave well. Wet a piece of clean cotton and press it gently on the affected area, and the bleeding will stop after a short time. Do not put any bandage or medical adhesive around his nails, as the infant puts his fingers in his mouth. Continuously, and he may pull the medical plaster with his mouth, causing him to suffocate.