Thursday, April 20, 2023

Is a thermometer a necessary tool for every mother?.. How do you take your child's temperature?

Importance of a thermometer:

The thermometer is a must have tool for every mom! Many infant diseases take fever as a primary symptom, so the process of measuring temperature is a process that requires a lot of accuracy to ensure the health of your child.

How do you take your child's temperature?

During the first period of his life, every mother must learn the correct way to use the scale to give an accurate reading that is actually equal to the temperature of your child.

After you have washed your hands and the scale well, put a little Vaseline on the tip of the thermometer and then place it gently on your child's rectum (it is the last part of the large intestine before its end and it extends to the anus). Remove the scale after a few minutes and read the number that appears.

Is there any reason to be afraid?!

When your child's rectal temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius, it is better for you to consult a pediatrician, but if it reaches 39 degrees Celsius, your child may be in real danger, and it is better to go to the hospital or the doctor's office immediately. As a super mother, you should also know that at this early age for your child, sometimes fever does not represent a strong symptom and an indication of an imminent danger, and therefore you must be careful and alert about any new differences that may occur in your child's health: his skin, his crying and everything that is not. Natural and would raise your suspicions.

What do you do to reduce the fever?

Do not burden your child with too many thick clothes and blankets, keep him in a cool room, and do not forget to breastfeed him as often as possible so that he does not become dehydrated. If you want to bathe him, be careful not to put him in cold water! This could cause heat shock which could have serious consequences for his health. Put him in a bathtub of hot water (about the temperature of your baby) and then add cold water! And do not give him any analgesic or "paracetamol" without consulting a doctor!