Saturday, April 22, 2023

Jeddah oasis for entertainment sciences.. Games and cartoons for children

Jeddah Oasis for Entertainment Sciences:

  • Jeddah Oasis for Entertainment Sciences is located on Saud Al-Faisal Street, and the entry ticket price ranges from 5 riyals to 35 Saudi riyals, as the ticket price is determined based on the age of the individual, and there are special discounted prices for families.
  • The place is a group of halls of six separate halls, and among them there are halls for water wonders and others for the human body, and some for aviation and air. There is also a separate hall for sciences such as mathematics and physics, and another hall that has been allocated to future scientists.
  • Next to the scientific and professional halls, there is an area for young children, which includes a group of entertaining and purposeful games and cartoon films that suit their age, develop their intelligence, develop their personalities, and motivate them to be creative.
  • The city operates daily from 7 am to 12 pm, and receives visitors seven days a week.