Saturday, April 29, 2023

Medical methods for treating constipation in infants.. Glycerin. Polyethylene glycol. Milk of Magnesia. Lactulose

Medical methods for treating constipation in infants:

Home methods usually require some time in order to take effect and work to treat constipation gradually, but in the event that the child is severely constipated and in pain and needs prompt treatment, the mother must rely on consulting a specialist doctor in order to prescribe the optimal treatment for the child’s condition in terms of age and weight. How long has he been constipated and will one of these medications be prescribed again:


It is available in markets and pharmacies in the form of tolerance and can be given to children and infants without any side effects, and it is considered one of the best medicines prescribed by the doctor for children because it is very safe.

Polyethylene Glycol:

One of the therapeutic medicines that the child can take without the need to prescribe a specialist doctor, and it is available in several forms, the best of which is the package that carries the powder and is dissolved in a small amount of water and is given to infants through a bottle or his own bottle.

Milk of Magnesia:

This therapeutic medicine contains milk of magnesia and magnesium hydroxide. Its taste may be unpleasant or unacceptable by a large group and a high percentage of children. However, it is one of the best quick remedies that works to treat constipation and get rid of it in a short time. It can also be put on juice. Or on milk in order to get rid of that unpalatable taste.


It is one of the excellent therapeutic medicines for getting rid of constipation easily and in a very short time, especially for children, infants and the elderly, because it contains natural substances that treat constipation and it is available in a liquid form that can be easily put in the infant’s mouth.